Beat winter — not the environment

Epoke understands that your goal is to make roadways safe, not ruin the neighboring ecosystem.

Our patented system provides unprecedented control over dispersion of all materials — dry, pre-wet or liquid. Not only are you preserving the natural environment, but you’re also saving all that wasted material and excessive damage to infrastructure (bridges, culverts, etc.).

Save time, money and the environment with Epoke. Smart engineering and applied technology provide much greater control over the amount of material used, type of distribution, and area of coverage. This translates into using significantly less material while providing a more uniform coverage with just one pass.

Only the patented Epoke process delivers such constant and accurate dispersion; treat the road rather than waste material and unduly harm roadside ecology. You can rely on this unrivaled control in any temperature and with any material. Count on Epoke to save you time and money!

Control Conservation