A History Of Leadership

Epoke A/S, based in Denmark, is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of high calibre winter road maintenance equipment.

In particular, Epoke is renowned for pioneering achievements in the development of spreaders featuring anti-icing, pre-wetting and combination spreaders. In fact, Alfred Thomsen (Epoke’s founder) invented the spinning disc spreader in the1930s — technology that is still used by the industry today! Epoke research and development has continued to lead the industry with innovations such as the Epoke Principle and state-of-the-art electronic controls.

Airport runways, roadways, sidewalks and pathways around the world benefit from the advanced technology and craftsmanship of Epoke products. Over the years, an international network of qualified distributors has developed to ensure that service and parts are near by, no matter where the machine is operating.

Designed to be efficient and robust, Epoke machinery combines unparalleled spreading methodology, superior anti-rust treatment, reliability, long life, and low operation costs. Find out how it can benefit you!

Superior Spreaders

Epoke has earned a worldwide reputation for manufacturing superior equipment that saves you time and money, ensures safety and even protects the environment from excessive and errant material spray.

Advanced technology, applied engineering, quality components, state-of-the-art construction, ISO processes… Epoke’s leadership isn’t based on just one thing. Striving for excellence in all areas has resulted in well-designed and highly functional equipment that continues to set new standards for the industry.