Advanced Liquid Spreaders

Epoke liquid spreaders are designed to distribute liquids at the optimal height and angle to ensure broad and even coverage at speeds of up to 50 mph. The Spraytronic nozzles allow for up to 3-lane width high-speed coverage.

The EpoMaster® controller provides infinitely variable flow capable of handling the full range of fluid output volume. This advanced system greatly reduces the number of nozzles required—it takes only nine spraytronic nozzles to do the work of over 40 traditional nozzles!

Available with or without a tank (Epoke SL series comes with factory integrated tank, Epoke SLU series is installed on customer’s tanker truck), our sprayers employ fixed displacement diaphragm pumps for better performance, more accurate dosing and longer life.

Liquid spreading uses significantly smaller quantities of salt, resulting in a cleaner environment and considerable financial savings. SL liquid spreaders are designed for the spraying of salt solutions on main roads, motor ways and other places requiring quick and efficient winter road service.

The Virtus AST is a high speed, high volume, straight liquid sprayer.

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The City Combi spreads liquid, dry material and prewetted dry material.

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