Virtus AST 'High Speed' Liquid Spreader

Epoke Virtus AST 'High Speed'

(up to 90 km/hr) road speed related liquid sprayer in various tank capacities (7,500 - 15,000 liters) with the following standard features and options:

Standard equipment:

  • Epoke Virtus AST liquid sprayer
  • System for vehicle hydraulics
  • Hydraulic fittings - 3/4" pressure, 1" return (Dealer to supply hydraulic hoses)
  • Multiplug through-cab kit includes wiring and sealed quick couplers
  • Distribution box with electronic speed adapter/ pulse divider
  • EpoMaster III remote control with card reader and RS232
  • Liquid system with spray boom and Spratronic nozzles witha working rage of 3 - 11 meters
  • Liquid empty sensor
  • Auto-stop of liquid filling

Optional equipment:

  • Lighting package with work light and two rotating beacons
  • GPS receiver including antenna
  • Proximity sensor for two plows
  • Leg system includes front mounted roller and full length hopper guides (offloads to maximum 17 ton)




Spreading Width 3 -11 meters 9.8 - 36 feet

Spreading Quantity 5 - 80 ml/m2

Spreading Speed 90 km/hr 55 mph

Boom Width 2500 mm

Total Width 2500 mm