PSL multi-purpose self-loading tractor spreader

The PSL is the offspring of a combination of a spreader and a loading bucket.

The PSL is built to be mounted on the tractor's three-point linkage and its construction as a loading bucket means that when the spreader is lowered, it can be filled by reversing directly into the spreading material. The tractor then pulls the spreader into the upright position and it is ready to work. It is hydraulically driven off the tractor's hydraulic system.

Standard features:

  • Spring base and spring base adjustment
  • Delivery roller for cams
  • 5 mm cams
  • Rubber base for salt
  • Hydraulic system (without remote control) for double hydraulic connection to tractor






Capacity 600 litres 21.2 cubic feet

Total Width 1980 mm 78 inches

Spreading Width 1770 mm 70 inches

Weight 315 kg 210 lbs.