Towed Spreaders:

Compact size, Big results!

All of our towed spreaders benefit from the Epoke Principle that delivers unparalleled coverage and material savings. A measured dispersion provides even coverage and protects the surrounding environment from damage. Maintaining pathways, parking lots, even roads - Epoke towed spreaders offer controlled coverage from less than three feet to over eight feet wide.

The variety in capacities and drive systems guarantees a spreader to meet your needs. Compact to full-size, they easily hook up to any vehible and are powered by: ground speed (towed); hydraulics or PTO for 3-point mounted model. Smart engineering is applied to each Epoke product; you can rely on even coverage and no waste with the ground-speed related feature standard on all towed spreaders.


Superior winter maintenance for any size job!

The same care and technology goes into all Epoke equipment; you can rely on the same high degree of accuracy and reliability as our renown bulk spreaders and sprayers.

Functional and small, the EpoMini Series includes a convenient push spreader to keep walkways safe. With a spreading width of about 2.5 feet, the EpoMini 20 makes it easy to safeguard pathways and side- walks. The option of a cam rolle or spiral roller ensures efficient distri- bution of coarse and fine-grained materials.

These spreaders are also ideal fertilizers and top dressers in the spring and summer. Expect the same quality and control with the advantage of year round use!