EpoMini 20 Towed Spreader

The EpoMini 20 has a wide range of applications, for instance on cycle-ways, on footpaths, on squares in housing estates, around schools, supermarkets, factories, etc.

EpoMini 20 is equipped with the Epoke metering system consisting of an impellor, a delivery roller and a spring loaded rubber base which ensures an accurate and homogeneous distribution along the full width of the spreader. Therefore, spreading with the EpoMini 20 is not only money-saving, the environmental damage is reduced so much that the negative contamination effect, which is the consequence of other methods, is turned into a positive fertilizing effect. In connection to this it is worth mentioning that the EpoMini 20 is as suitable for spreading fertilizers in the summer as it is for spreading salt in the winter.

Standard equipment:

  • Standard agitator
  • Rubber base
  • Spring base and spring base adjustment
  • Transmission
  • Delivery roller with 3mm cams
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • Manually operated remote on/off

Optional equipment:

  • Draw bar with 1" eye
  • Draw bar with ball coupling
  • Draw bar with fork
  • Three-point hitch bracket
  • Drawbar with 1.5" eye




Capacity 200 litres 7.1 cubic feet

Total Width 1065 mm 42 inches

Spreading Width 800 mm 31.5 inches

Weight 75 kg 165 lbs.

Linear Working Range (Salt) @ typical application rates 15 km 9.3 miles