EpoMini 5 Push Spreader

If salt is used for combatting icy roads, and a shovel is used for the spreading, you typically use 10 times more salt than when spreading with the aid of the EpoMini 5.

Therefore, mechanical spreading is not only a money-saving idea, the environmental damage is reduced so much that the negative contamination effect is turned into a positive fertilizing effect. In connection to this it is worth mentioning that the EpoMini 5 is as suitable for spreading fertilizers in the summer as it is for spreading salt in the winter. Furthermore, the mechanical spreading ensures an even and homogeneous thawing which even the most meticulous spreading with a shovel is not able to accomplish. EpoMini 5 is road speed related; i.e. the desired quantity per m2 remains constant regardless of variation in speed.






Capacity50 litres1.8 cubic feet

Total Width750 mm29.5 inches

Spreading Width550 mm22 inches

Weight30 kg66 lbs.

Linear Working Range (Salt) @ typical application rates6 km3.7 miles